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Penguin Crossing
My Only Escape

Hold me, my dearest, for I fear the night.
I can't stop my trembling, try as I might.
As you stroke my hair, I dream of a place
Where giggling blue fairies like to play and to race
Where beautiful white Pegasus fly
Where red and green dragons soar high in the sky
Where all-colored unicorns calm those who weep
Where whales with blue wings swim through the deep.
Orange, pink, blue,
And purple skies too.
Luxurious thick forests all colors of green,
Silvery lakes with fresh water so clean.
Mushrooms grow, some short and some tall.
Then unexpectedly, I suddenly fall
Away from that land of beauty and joy
Back to this place that's horrid and void.
My only comfort here is you, my love, whose arms I lie in.
Then you suddenly slip away and I realize that you, too, are a dream.
I have no more comfort--it was all a dream, an illusion.
I drop to my knees and I cry in confusion.
I am alone in this dreadful place.
I guess I shall try to return to the place in my mind,
I'll try for a while to leave this place behind.