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Penguin Crossing
Pain, Pain, Go Away

Fire, red and violent
Roaring yet so silent
Flames all around me
I'm getting burns that are third degree
My body is toasting
The fire is boasting
It laughs as it spits in my face
My body turns into such a disgrace
That can never again be shown
Coughing and screaming I reach for the phone
I yell for help but the phone is of no use
I see a sharp knife nearby and I quickly choose
To die by a knife instead of by fire
But my hand resists my strong desire
It will not penetrate my skin
At this point the fire and my screams are much akin
Furious and desperate and crazy
Suddenly my world gets hazy
The pain, unfortunately, does not numb one small amount
I'm eager for my death; the seconds I count
In my mind, for I have no mouth left to count them aloud
I feel like I'm being tortured in front of a crowd
Everyone's eyes on me, watching me with glee
The pain is excrutiating, and it will not leave me
Why am I not dead yet? I am barely a pile of ashes
But I am still alive--how can that be?
It's impossible, it can't be true
But then, here I am, expressing rue
Alive and in indescribable pain
I want the fire to burn out but it continues to gain
Size, it grows larger and larger and I just want to scream for death to come
But I have no mouth, nor arms, or even ears, although I continue to hear the fire's sounding drum
The fire and the pain and the life continues to stay
When will the pain go away?