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Penguin Crossing
Unforgiving Mistake

The time has come, o dearest one, you must accompany me

Up to the land where angels sing and dance and play with glee

I know it seems quite soon for you, since youre only 5 years old

But you were hit by a truck, o sweet child, and must now see treasures untold.

That may, at first, seem a reward, a prize youll love so dear

However, child, there is a dilemma--one which I greatly fear.

Your family loves you, o so much, and grieves for your sweet life

They face a future filled with depression and ongoing strife

So you must decide, o burdened child, what their future shall be

Either that which I mentioned or they will, like you, instead come with me

So I ask you, fate chooser, what do you wish for your family?

The child grinned and poked His side

And the Lord asked him why he looked satisfied.

Why shouldnt I be?  That isnt a problemI wish for them to rot

They can stay on Earth, for all I care, and fight like theyve always fought

Dont you think I saw the driver of that truck that hurt me a lot?

It was Daddy, yes, and Mommy, tooin the truck that theyd just bought.

The Lord did frown, in His great way

He gained a look of sad dismay

But the choice was made; it was decided

So with the fates He silently confided

And the young childs family was violently shoved

Into the sad life picked for them by the son that they greatly loved

So, God, now that the choice is made

There is a question that I have delayed

But I wish to ask it now to you:

My parents killed me; why do you act as if they would have come to Heaven, too?

The Lord looked at him in the eye

And He let out a gigantic sigh

Well, you see, unfortunate soul

To kill you had not been their goal

As your father drove the new truck home during his leisure

Your mother, there with him, suddenly got a seizure

At the same time that this did occur

He took his hands off the wheel to try to assure

Your mother that she would be okay

And so the truck swerved astray

It hit you and you did die that day

They now face the future you chose.

The Lord conjured from thin air a rose

He sent it to Earth and laid it on the childs familys front porch

A symbol ending the fire of the once brightly burning torch

And as tears ran down the small boys face

Sad from the mistake that he could not erase

The Lord took the little boys hand

He led him onto Heavens white sand.