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Penguin Crossing
Nature's Fight

I arrive there, sand so white

I'm planning to stay all day till night.

It's slowly emerging, the thrill of the fight

I see the menacing fighters, the pipes all great

A second longer I just don't wait

I run through the coarse sand, it's slowing me down

Every step I take's two on normal ground

I arrive, plunge into the freezing foe and beseech fate

She's my foe and also soulmate

The ocean is, as I ride her on my board

Yeah, it's got a sissy cord

But so what if I need it, the waves are fierce today

I'm half blinded by the sun's harsh ray

I face them anyway, face the waves, face them with a grin

I am today determined to win.

Wave comes by, it's not real tight

I'll wait for another one before starting the fight.

Here it comes, roaring mean!

My adrenaline starts pumping and she's all I'm seein'

Turn my board, look behind me, wait for the right time

I'm rushed toward shore and the fight begins in tune with nature's rhyme.