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Penguin Crossing
Holding On

The lights are off, I cannot see

I feel all that is, was, and will be

Sometimes pain comes so fast

That it leaves you in a full body cast

My hurt, my sorrow, my anger, my pain

Was all for someone else's gain

Perhaps the killing of my friend

Caused someone's torment to end

My heart aches, I have no hope

I have no idea how to cope

With the loss I know is always there

I cannot make myself not care

I can't eat, I can't breathe, I can't sleep

The price I pay I consider cheap

To the one that my friend had to pay

She saved my life that November day

I think about the way she died

I wonder about the tears I've cried

Am I crying for a good friend dead

Or for the bullet meant for my head

I wish to die but I cannot

Instead I stay on earth to rot

My life is no longer mine to take

Because she died for my sake

My life belongs to Him on high

Or at least that is my alibi

As she died my friend told me

Of a great eternity

With a being that loves us all

I think of her words- to my knees I fall

She told me that she'd saved my life

And it was hers because of her strife

So she was giving it to God the Father

I was going to be His daughter

I should learn about the one to whom I belong

About he who has never done any wrong

My life isn't worth the price he's paid

Two times my wretched life has been saved

Since one thousands of years have passed

Two- last week's breaths should have been my last

So I know that two different people really loved me

They are both watching me, unseen

The light returns, the darkness is gone

I guess I will just keep holding on