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Why Liberals are Losing


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Ahem... as always, it's probably best not to read this is you're Conservative.

The reason why Conservatives have the upper hand in politics is because liberals are so unforceful and undecisive in their arguments. I mean, Democrats are so mortally afraid of disagreeing with the Conservatives that are in power that they don't even stand for the Left anymore; they're pretty much sitting on the fence as the alternative to the extremely right winged administration in power today. This is a very bad move. If Bush is pushing controversial things, such as the war, the worst thing you can do is agree (or very weakly and mildly disagree) with him and hope you'll catch the swing and independant voters. There should be a party that gives the citizen a clear alternative rather than a less radical option (the Green Party is such an entity, but, sadly, it's not large enough yet and they're not even sure if they're gonna run a presidential candidate.) If the Democrats actually took a risk and clearly and forcefully disagreed with Bush on his most controversial policies (such as the Patriot Act) they'd gain a lot more support. Conservatives are loud and ready to be heard, while Democrats seem to hide in the shadows hoping for some scraps from under the table. Where's the liberal equivalent of Savage Nation? Though it would be hard to get a show to air because of the reluctance of conservative businesses, if liberals were really determined to get through they could.

Perhaps Conservatism is so popular because it evokes more unbridled emotion, more passion, and it is seems (to me anyway) easier to accept as you couldn't really tell what is really happening just by watching the evening news on TV, which is (I'm guessing here) the medium most people use to get their news. It's easier to label a group as an absolute; absolutely evil or good. Bush's plan is simple- terror bad, everything having to do with "freedom" good, America is the best in every way. Don't get me wrong, this is not all Conservatives' platform, but it is this particular administration's way of dealing with crises. It's easier to swell with pride and go along with what the TV tells you than to stop yourself and think about what you are being told and about all sides of the story.Liberals seems wishy-washy because they weigh every issue and actually think about them. They acknowledge that there isn't always an absolute truth, though this fact is harder to digest than thinking there is always an easy and absolute answer.

Anyway, we need to get our word out there too. Conservative propaganda needs to be counterbalanced with the Liberal's, and I don't just mean in the New York Times or other books that only attract liberals and politically active people anyway, I mean on television, the most accesible media today, the one the average Joe is going to be viewing.

Liberals need to stand up and show that we are not all tree hugging push-overs. We are a force to be reckoned with and we are not about to let this country go without a fight. Liberals can be just as loud as the Conservatives and need to prove it! We have to re-light the fire in our bellies and not cower at the screams and accusations of the Conservatives. If there's one thing we can learn from them it's that you have to be fearless and defend yourself, otherwise what will become of your cause?

And one last thing. For Lord's sake people, you've gotta VOTE. There's a liberal majority in the US, why isn't a liberal in power? The voting percentage in this country is pathetic. The American people are not being represented. C'mon guys, pull yourselves together!