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Penguin Crossing
The Blue Lioness

I got the idea of the crimson unicorn from one of Jean's poems.

The crimson unicorn is galloping on the wind
leading it through the sky
the purest of the pure has committed a sin
blood red among white clouds

The crimson unicorn is rearing in the rain
screaming in the thunder
forever stained with the red pain
blood dripping from his horn

The blue lioness sits in her den
licking her wounds
hiding her cubs in the stars
the void of space

blue paws gently stepping
as she walks on nothing
in the corner of her eyes; marks where shes wept
she watches the small world below

hooves as black as death stamp the ground
the unicorns vacuous eyes look toward the sky
his mane blows off his neck in the great wind
again he must run

She lies down, her nose almost touching the world
she sadly watches
softly breathing, her tail in a curl
loosely wrapped around the earth

She sends her children down
to be born in fear
they try to avoid his leer
as he slowly walks towards them

the crimson unicorn is killing again
the blue lioness is crying again
the cycle of defeat and renewal
it never ends, it never ends