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Penguin Crossing
The Path of Life

I got the idea for this one in math class one day.

He walks alone
naked and vulnerable
he bends to one knee
to scoop up the sand at his feet

He can feel it in his hands
cold, emotionless matter
watching it sift through the cracks
every grain falling to the ground

Again he stands to walk without purpose
he cant see the end
but walks on in the light of the desert moon

Constantly looking around
nothing ever changing
just the endless piles of sand
in the cold chill of night

Walking for years
feet blistered and weathered
soul beginning to fade
he reaches a cliff

He continues to walk
still looking around but not noticing it
with the desert moon at his back
he walks on his shadow

Over the mouth of the cliff
his shadow preventing the fall
a moving bridge
he steps on himself

The desert reaches beyond grasp
and he keeps walking
nothing to secure or protect
always trying to reach the unobtainable horizon

The desert moon watching him
quiet observance but no interference
He is to walk on endlessly
forever to wander