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Penguin Crossing
Eternal Sunset

The sun by itself is gorgeous in the sky
Painful to look at with the eye
Forbidding you from enjoying its great distinction.
The vertex of its beauty is like something fiction
Most beautiful it is when it sets behind the ocean
There are no words to describe the wondrous emotion
Brought to your soul when gazing into this scene.
The haste of the sun as it sets is obscene
It hurts to see it so quickly disappear.
The time we're allowed to enjoy it is painfully mere
An eternal sunset would be fantastic
It would make me greatly ecstatic.
The visionary sunset is breath-taking
The sun sets as if forsaking
The world which it lightens
And the lives which it brightens.
Perhaps we are only allowed to gaze
At its ravishing beauty that will amaze
Any person who lays eyes on it
For no more time but a little bit
Because gazing at it for too long might make us grow
Sick of it too soon; so He will only show
The beautiful sunset to us for a few minutes every day
After working long hours to help allay
From now on take time to enjoy the setting sun
Because it is a gift from the Lord for days when you haven't had much fun
And when you see the sun setting behind the ocean
Seemingly in slow motion
Thank Him.