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Penguin Crossing
The One About the Guy in Pain

Couldn't think of a title for this one. I got the idea for this poem from the picture below and partly from my mood that day.


Blood moon rising
over a sea of tears
no one realizing
the truth of their fears

He creeps in the night
his eyes aflame
sleekly crawling, avoiding the light
to him we bestow all the blame

cringing, vile, wandering beast
nails sharpened and hair covering his face
he prepares for his bloody feast
protect your children, he searches at a desperate pace

His eyes hold determination
but visage shows pain
forever hunted by his prey
forever stalked by his past

Silhouettes upon the sea
over the dark clouds loom
he runs, desperate to be free
to no avail, hes a prisoner of the gloom

Another sleepless day
afraid of the light
another murderous night
lost in his fright

yellow eyes search franticly
feet and knuckles pound the ground
a man driven past insanity
he cant escape the sound

the screams, the shouts, the fear
they echo in his wild ears
ever searching
ever running

Cold chills run through the air
over the grassy plains
a treacherous affair
another loss

He slithers into the shadows
to escape
in ragged breaths he cries
unable to hold back

another loss

he sits on a rock
unable to understand why
he is the monster he hates most

scratching to get out
his mind wont permit it
forever the shadows are his abode
banished to the world he loathes

His thirst for blood never dies
his remorse never tires
every day he cries
Every night someone is sent to the fires

Blood moon rising
over a sea of tears
every breath aganizing
in his world of gloom.